Ajaman: a heritage and cultural place that is important to visit

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Ajaman is a place of great heritage and culture. Excavations and ancient burials were carried out here, which made it possible to discover various interesting objects.

Find out more information on the website https://world-arabia.com/ru/articles/gid-po-istorii-kulture-i-dostoprimechatelnostyam-adzhmana/ about Ajaman, as this place deserves attention. Let’s take a closer look at its main attractions.

Shopping mall

This is a large shopping center measuring 35,000 square meters. There are up to 10,50,000 million visitors every year. The shopping center has a spacious cinema hall, an entertainment center, and cozy restaurants in the food court. There are a lot of products here, so you can easily find what you need. On the shelves you will find tropical fruits, dried fruits, seasonings, nuts, cottage cheese and much more.


Public beaches are available for free. Shops, sun loungers, gazebos, bars and much more are available to you. There are also rescue teams on the beaches, so you will feel safe. You can get to Dubai or Sharjah very quickly. That is why a beach holiday will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible and will give you a lot of positive emotions.


It is located in the fort that was built in 1775. You can see ancient objects that were discovered in the third millennium BC. If we talk about the modern part of the exhibition, then items from the twentieth century are collected here. Part of the museum is located on the street, and part is inside the building. You will see watchtowers and wind towers, a huge gate and two cannons. The area’s past is reflected in documents and other relics.

These are not all the attractions that are available to you in Ajaman. It is worth going here on the weekend to see many interesting places. Such a vacation will leave behind extremely pleasant impressions and positive emotions!

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